• Kitty Cat Mat™
We Guarantee this will be your cats favorite toy ever
If not return it for a full refund
Kitty will never get bored or feel ignored!
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3
Step 1

Lay the Kitty Cat Mat™ down

Step 2

Place catnip in the secret pouch

Step 3

Enjoy the hours of fun!

Introducing Kitty Cat Mat™

Do your cats go crazy when you’re away, tearing up the entire house, just because they want to play? Not anymore! Kitty Cat Mat™ is the cat toy that’s perfectly square, that makes your kitty play, snuggle and feel loved when you’re not there!

Just lay the Kitty Cat Mat™ down, put the Angel Green Catnip in the secret pocket, and watch it attract your kitty in seconds! Your cat will try to catch the hidden mouse in the pouch and delight at the crinkle sound when she steps on and rolls around! Plus, there are four different activity corners with feathers, strings and all kinds of safe things for them to get into!

No more desctruction
See how it works

Cat research science says the secret is in the square shape that attracts cats like a magnet for its proven sense of security!

They'll love to hunt, pounce & play no matter their age!

  • See how much your cat will love it
  • See how much your cat will love it

Veterinarian Recommended!

"What I love about the Kitty Cat Mat™ is that it has so many options for play and stimulation that you’re going to have a cat who is going to play with it, who is going to exercise, and end up being a happier, healthier, more fun to be around cat!"

- Dawn Filos, VMD
Veterinary Medical Doctorate

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